This is how I learnt to feel better. Every time.

Learn to actively live with gratitude.

I don’t indulge self pity. I see it as a door way to a field of emotions that would only lead to a worse mental state.

That said, every year, there is a time I actively have to push myself to stop any indulgence of a pity party.

The process unfolds pretty much the same way every time.

The seasons change and the days get shorter. It’s a struggle to get up and the cold feels like the first time.

Exercising becomes a battle. If you work, you have to deal with the holiday shopping and presents for your loved ones and colleagues.

Soon, the irritation with people and things begin. You avoid your self reflection sessions because you don’t want a reminder of what you haven’t accomplished yet as the year draws to an end.

Then, the only place of seeming comfort lies under the those thick covers. The self pity party has begun.

Years ago, being around supportive family and friends would help me get up and out of this internal wallowing just in time to enjoy the rest of the holidays.

But, with more personal growth year after year, I learnt that people might not always be there and I really should learn to do life alone when I need to.

How did I learn to beat the process? I changed my perspective. I developed an attitude of gratitude.

I read a story where a man kept complaining of how he needed a new pair of shoes and couldn’t afford any. Everyone that would give him an ear heard his moan over and over again.

One day he met a disabled man whose story changed his perspective forever. The man simply told him he wished he had legs to even wear a pair of shoes.

Gratitude is a perspective that can change your life.

This is the perspective I learnt to incorporate into my life especially through challenging seasons.

So, when those cold and dark mornings come, I tell myself that I woke up alive and healthy and consciously choose to make the most of the day.

I change up my exercise routine to keep me motivated and remind myself of the benefits — especially being ready for the extra holiday food weight that might be gained!

I plan earlier every year for gifts so I keep my head when others are losing theirs over the holiday shopping.

I choose to be extra patient with others and even go the extra mile to tell those in my life how grateful I am to do life with them.

And most importantly, I choose to be kind to myself even if I haven’t accomplished all the goals I set for the year.

I actively keep up with my reflective sessions, having an attitude of gratitude and being conscious that I might not be where I want to be yet, but I know for sure I am not where I used to be!

This is how I have learnt to feel better. Every time.

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