There are things you need to stop staying to make progress in life.

The future doesn’t belong to the comfort seekers, but to the risk takers.

Comfort seekers look for excuses to avoid the next or necessary step they need to succeed in life because of fear of mostly, the unknown.

Well, the only way to find out what is on the other side of the river is to cross it!

Risk takers are not callous as many people presume. At least the ones that apply wisdom to their decisions. Smart risk takers are next level thinkers. They don’t have time to dwell on the past. They definitely know to stop saying:

1. I can’t. Because this is just an excuse not to learn something new most times

2. I won’t. Because the truth is you are letting fear and doubt guide your decisions

3. I might. Because you want to trick others into believing that you are considering an option but you already know you are not going to lift a finger!

4. Maybe later or tomorrow. Because this is the most common replacement phrase for procrastination.

Your vocabulary should have a lot of ‘I can and I will’…………..

Give up excuses. Get informed and learn about current trends. Learn from those who have gone where you want to go.

Get inspired and motivated. You only have one chance at living your current life so make the most of it. Live fully and truly.

Call to action

High yielding people (people that produce x100 outcomes with just x10 effort) have learnt to increase their productive capacity and channel who they are into what they do.

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