Declutter your life and crush your goals…you deserve a great year!

Every year, we start with resolutions. Some of us even go further by breaking down those resolutions into measurable goals. Why then do most people give up as early as February? According to Benjamin Franklin,

‘Those who fail to plan, plan to fail’

There are two main steps from coming up with an idea or goal to actually making them a reality. When people come up short in any of these steps, they are more likely to give up on their goals

1. Planning is the first step to making any dream or goal happen. Missing out this step is like shooting arrows in the dark. You are more likely to win a lottery than hit a bull’s eye! So, when you write down your ideas, make them into clear goals and plan out a strategy (both short and long term) to achieve them.

2. The next step is just as vital. You need another plan to see your goals through by monitoring your progress and making necessary adjustments. This is where a comprehensive Life Planner would come in handy.

Over the last few years, I have been able to push myself to the next level of accomplishments mainly by having a system where I can make plans, monitor my progress and put them in perspective regularly. The best part was the ability to do it all in one place. (I would share my High Impact Organiser with you later).

With this system, I was able to write and publish my first book, start and upscale my freelance side hustle (while working a day job) and successfully complete my first 10km run after consistently training for 6 weeks.

Without having a system where I can plan my goals and monitor my progress, I doubt I would have been able to achieve any of these accomplishments by now.

But, before I introduce you to my comprehensive High Impact Organiser, let’s go through 5 ways a good life planner will help you upgrade your life.

1. It will upgrade your productivity.

Highly productive people know how to allocate their time the right way between important and urgent tasks.

When you ignore important tasks for too long, they could later present as urgent issues, which could end up crowding your immediate schedule, causing you stress and throwing your time management in disarray!

A good planner will help you separate these tasks on a daily and weekly level to avoid clashes and keep your week running smoothly.

2. It will help you upgrade your learning.

One of things successful people have in common is their ever increasing desire to learn more. But, with the excessive amount of information today and a lot of options to cover, you need a reliable way of planning and tracking your learning progress.

A good life planner will incorporate a learning tracker, so you can assign different skills to different days and keep up with your progress. This way, you can be learning a new language, taking a self-paced course on graphic design and attending a weekly dance class, all in the same period, and monitoring your progress throughout.

3. It will help you upgrade your finances.

The most effective way to both reduce your debt and monitor your income is to have a budget plan that you regularly review. This would help you avoid the ‘water in the basket’ phenomenon, where you have money coming in but also appear to be losing money fast.

A good planner would have monthly, quarterly and yearly review sections for you to evaluate your progress and make necessary adjustments.

4. It will upgrade the quality of your quiet time.

Your quiet time is vital more today than ever because of the unending distractions we face every day. These times can be used for prayer, planning or reflection, but to get the most out of it, you need to have a planner that covers the main areas of your life, so you can put both your private and public life in perspective.

5. It will help you upgrade your health.

The summary of health improvement is this: eat/drink right and exercise regularly. Having a life planner that also helps you track and improve your fitness and eating goals, would increase your chances of meeting your health goals for the year.

Now, let me introduce you to the High Impact Organiser. This 60+ page life planner is clean, spacious and professional, with a modern outlook.


It is designed to help you put in focus all your major goals each year, with a daily planner to help you break those goals into measurable steps that you can take regularly.

You can find out more details and get it HERE for less than ten dollars and you also receive a FREE gift with it! It is a worthy bargain and I hope you take the offer.

So go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve a great year!

Before you leave….

Thank you for reading this post!

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