Invest in yourself and increase your value; people will pay for it!

A while ago, I decided to take the challenge of starting a side hustle even though I had a day job and other responsibilities contending for my attention.

Why? For the following reasons:

1.  I realised that accumulating knowledge and experience is good, but using them to influence my world (and maybe get paid along the way) is even greater

2.  I realised that to truly live fully is to arrive at a place where I can do what I love and commit to, without having to worry about money, debt or living out someone else’s dream

3. I knew that to truly achieve financial freedom, I would have to take a ‘double barrel approach’ – cutting unnecessary expenses and setting up passive income streams.

With my ‘WHY’ and ‘WHAT CAN I DO’ finally in alignment, I was able to set up a successful system and started earning in less than 6 months!

It felt great that those hours and early mistakes of going the wrong way about it initially, finally started paying off! But, I still had my day job and other tasks pulling me in all directions as well as my side hustle.

I needed to figure out what my next direction would be, so I can keep heading towards the long term goals I stated earlier. In order to do this, I knew I needed to map out clear goals of how I wanted my life to look like and then work backwards from there.

I noted the following:

1. I wanted to able to invest my time in things and people that mattered to me – my faith, family, fulfilment (life purpose) and friends.

2. I wanted to be able to 10X my productive output without toiling efforts

3.  I wanted a clear plan to keep decreasing unnecessary expenses and increasing income without having to work double the time

4. I wanted to keep a clear and organised system to manage my growth in all areas

The first and most important step to achieving any of these goals was to invest in my personal growth and self improvement.

As I once read, the higher you go in life, the higher the level of challenges will be. If you don’t grow the stomach you need to deal in those times, you will  most likely buckle under pressure.

So, I first decided to focus my growth in those areas and consumed as much relevant material I could find then acted on them.

The result? I was able to upscale my side hustle to 4-figure months in less than a year while still holding a day job.

Also…..I had improved my productivity and time management to a point where I only needed less than 2 hours a day to work on my side hustle. That is less than the time the average person spends daily on social media, according to a 2018 survey.


Now, I can confidently share with you these 5 growth strategies that set me on the path to achieve my long term goals and produce desirable results.

1. Feedback reviews

One of the most effective ways to grow and improve is to get constructive feedback. It works in your private life as those in your circle can show you ‘blind spot’ areas you might not be aware of in your life, that might be holding you back.

In your business or career, reviews from your clients/customers about areas you can improve on in your service are priceless. You should also learn about their needs as this will help you decide on areas you can easily expand into to increase your opportunities and income.

The feedback I received helped me to identify areas I needed to improve and new skills I could learn that eventually increased my value. I was able to increase my fees by up to 50% without complaints as my clients said they appreciated the quality of my work!

2. Time investment

If you don’t unmake time from things that are distractions or don’t add value to your life, you will not be able to focus and invest your time on things that matter and can change your financial situation. Your time is your greatest asset, not money.

If you use it the right way now, money will not be a problem eventually. If you would like to be able to create more time for the things you love. You can get a FREE guide here with a 10-point checklist you can use to unmake time from the wrongs NOW!

3. Increase your productive capacity

The vital lesson I learnt here is the fastest way to doing is actually first being. The next new productivity hack is not the way. When you focus on growing your inner productive capacity, you will live out productivity like a boss. Some examples of how to do this is:

  • increasing in self awareness
  • growing your mental and physical stamina
  • resetting your mindset to focus on solutions instead of problems first
  • learning how and when to ‘single task’ instead of always ‘multitasking’
  • learning to harness the power of foresight through predicting

4. Fix your finances

Have you heard of the water in the basket phenomenon before? Just as putting water in a basket will not lead to having more stored water (because of the basket holes), if you don’t fix and track your finances, everything extra you make will get lost in expenses and debt.

To achieve financial freedom, the first step is actually assessing your current finances to know where you stand with ‘good and bad’ debt, then savings, reducing expenses, and then ‘how to increase your income’.

5. Get an organiser!

One of the best assets you can use to start and upscale your side hustle while joggling a day job and other life responsibilities is a comprehensive life planner. I realised very early in my journey that planning is crucial to making your long term goals a success.

Without having a system where I can plan my goals and monitor my progress, I doubt I would have been able to achieve any of these accomplishments by now. A good life planner will help you upgrade your productivity, your financial planning, monitor your learning (new skills), monitor your life goals and the progress you are making and help you track your health goals, among others things.

So, I guess the main takeaway here is this,

Invest in your yourself and you will raise your value. This will put you before great opportunities and people will be willing to pay for the value you provide. But first invest in yourself!


Before you leave….

Thank you for reading this post!

However, there is only so much I can share in one post and there is so much more on these growth strategies that I want to share with you. So, I created a 4-bundle package resource (which also includes a 60+page clean and modern life planner) to help you take a vital step in investing in yourself and upgrading your life.

I want to help you with these growth areas by providing you with an affordable deal on the Upgrade Your Life package. This one stop 4 bundle resource will equip you with knowledge and tools to plan your goals, create more time, increase your productive capacity, become debt free and set you on a path to achieve financial freedom. The best part is you get whole package at just half price! You can get it NOW HERE.

Make a power move today!


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